Growing and Selling Mandarin
Oranges in Placer County Since 1975, Certified Organic Since 1989

The Ferreira Family
My family and I have had the pleasure of living in the center of our Placer County property. Over the years, my daughters have enjoyed the dynamic country lifestyle by helping to sort fruit, change sprinklers, and feed our growing family of dogs and chickens.

I manage the Side Hill Citrus farm and my ranch hand Danny does all the rest! We are 4th generation farmers in Placer County and we have happily chosen the farming lifestyle – to be organic Satsuma mandarin orange producers, to farm the land, and continue the agricultural tradition that is so rich in Placer County.

The Team That Makes It Happen
From my ranch manager, Danny, to the crew of pickers, we all work together to make mandarin season a success every year. Many of the same pickers have worked with me for decades. I truly appreciate their loyalty and believe in supporting them accordingly. From picking, packing, and farm maintenance, they are all an integral part of the Side Hill Citrus Team.

Stop By Our Booth at the Mandarin Festival
You can also visit us at our booth at the annual Mountain Mandarin Festival. This fun three-day event takes place the third weekend in November each year at the Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn.