Growing and Selling Mandarin
Oranges in Placer County Since 1975, Certified Organic Since 1989

How the Side Hill Citrus Ranch Grew & Grew
Years of history, strategic land purchases, and a love of farming have contributed to the growth of our ranch.

1942 Earl Bolin originally purchased the 10 acre ranch from Melvin Bobo in 1942 for just $450.00.
1944 Earl purchased an additional 7.2 acres from T.V. Doubs. While working at Gladding McBean, Earl formed a small farm with dairy and chickens.
1960s The first citrus trees were planted.
1975 I purchased the ranch with 100 Satsuma mandarin orange trees from Earl. Fifty of those trees are still producing fruit today.
1990 I purchased another 10 acres from a neighbor.
1991 After a completing a three-year transformation process, I am proud to say that Side Hill Citrus became 100% California Certified Organic.
1994 After purchasing an additional 21 acres from Eugene Nodahara, my family began to plant more Satsuma mandarin orange trees.
1997 The climate here in Lincoln is good for the growth of the trees and this sweet, seedless fruit. By this time we had planted over 3,000 Satsuma mandarin orange trees
2014 Side Hill Citrus became the only certified organic mandarin ranch to be permanently preserved through the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, Placer Land Trust, and Placer Legacy.

Today, we continue to work our now 48 acre Side Hill Citrus ranch and tend our 2,000 plus certified organic Satsuma mandarin orange trees. Our delicious, sweet, seedless, organic mandarins are tree-ripened, farm-fresh and available for purchase throughout the harvest season.